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Shirt Sue - Patron de couture et instruction en Anglais et en Allemand

    8 € TVA incluse
    Directement disponible en PDF!

    Contient :

    • Patron de couture (PDF) du 34 à 46 (pour imprimer à la maison en A4 et pour imprimer le patron en grand format A0).

    • ATTENTION! L'instruction est en Allemand et en Anglais, pas en Français. L'instruction a des images et il existe un vidéo sur youtube.


    This Sewing Pattern for a casual sweatshirt with diagonal seams in the front, a yoke in both the front and back bodice and dropped shoulders into which the sleeves are inserted offers you a wide range of styling possibilites. You can design the front piece with diagonal seams and the dipped hem that is longer in the back and closed by two hem bands on the sides plain and simple or multicoloured – just as you like! And with our video sewing tutorial you defintely will succeed sewing your new favorite shirt!

    All steps are described in detail and are illustrated with step-by-step drawings. Besides you find a detailed Video Sewing Tutorial where we show step-by-step how to sew the Sue Shirt.

    En savoir plus

    Matériel dont vous avez besoin chez vous :

    • Fabric recommendation: The “Sue” Shirt can be sewn with medium weight knits such as French Terry, sweatshirt fleece, sweater knits and jersey. Alternatively, you can also use woven fabric, such as cottons or viscose/rayons.
    • Fabric required (Fabric Width 140 cm): Sizes 34 – 38: 150 cm; Sizes 40 – 42: 165 cm; Sizes 44 – 46: 180 cm
    • Cuffs if you use woven fabric (e.g. ribbing): Sizes 34 – 46: 35 cm
    • (Fabric Width 110 cm; knits / woven fabrics): Sizes 34 – 38: 185 cm / 170 cm; Sizes 40 – 42: 195 cm / 210 cm; Sizes 44 – 46: 210 cm / 230 cm
    • Notions: Thread