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Manteau Marion: Patron de couture et instruction avec des images, en Anglais et en Allemand

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    Directement disponible en PDF!

    Contient :

    Patron de couture (PDF) du 34 à 46 (pour imprimer à la maison en A4 et pour imprimer le patron en grand format A0).

    ATTENTION! L'instruction est en Allemand et en Anglais, pas en Français.


    Pattern and Sewing Instructions: This Sewing Pattern for a cool, lined short coat impresses because of its rounded hem and a small attached shawl collar, made of (rib) knit. The coat is closed with a separating coat zipper in the front center and has inseam pockets on the sides.

    Fabric recommendation The coat can be sewn from various coat fabrics. Whether you chose to use wool fabrics, solid canvas, denim or quilted fabric – there are no limits to your imagination. Thicker knits or boiled wool would also be great fabrics for this coat.

    All steps are described in detail and are illustrated with step-by-step drawings.

    En savoir plus

    Matériel dont vous avez besoin chez vous :

    • Fabric required (Fabric Width 140 cm): For the coat shell: Sizes 34 – 38: 165 cm; Sizes 40 – 46: 170 cm;
    • Ribbing or jersey for the collar: Sizes 34 – 46: 20 cm;
    • Lining: Sizes 34 – 38: 145 cm; Sizes 40 – 46: 150 cm
    • Fabric Width 110 cm: Sizes 34 – 38: 185 cm; Sizes 40 – 42: 195 cm; Sizes 44 – 46: 210 cm
    • Notions: Fusible interfacing: 90 cm x 100 cm; Separating coat zipper: 65 cm long; Thread